Old Town Wine Cellar

I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm an avid wine drinker. More avid after having two kids within two years.

So, I was pretty excited to get a request to do a shoot at Yuma's Old Town Wine Cellar. I'd never been there before, and was absolutely charmed by the place and its owner, Mike. To put your mind at ease, Mike is not at all judgy about those of us (me included) who adore everything about wine but know next to nothing about it besides, "Hey, this tastes good!"

It's nestled in one of those cute little alleys off Main Street, behind the Pint House. 

When you enter through the unique double-doors, you find yourself in a beautiful, historic building, with wooden shelves lining the walls and cork and glass topped tables where you can sip a glass of wine from the tasting menu.

Mike holds daily wine tastings, where you can bring a few friends, samples some wines, enjoy a glass, and take home a few bottles. 

Go check it out! I know I'll be back. 

Old Town Wine Cellar | Open Tuesday-Saturday, 11 AM-& PM | 265 S Main St E
Yuma, AZ 85364 | www.yumawine.com

Accurate Automotive Attention

I was hired recently by Ratchet & Wrench magazine to take some photos for their January 2018 issue highlighting one of our local businesses. So, I had the opportunity to spend a morning with Russell McCloud of Accurate Automotive Attention in Yuma.

The shop is on 3rd Avenue, just down the block from the new Sprouts market, although they have multiple locations, including one in the foothills. 

This is a family business, Russell tells me. His father, Dennis McCloud, started it, he took over, and he introduced me to several members of the third generation who were working there including his two sons. And sure enough, the shop is infused with history: family photos adorn the walls, alongside images of historic Yuma. Even the people who work there who aren't technically related still seem like family. 

McCloud, who also serves the community as a County Supervisor, is being featured due to his work with 20 groups, where shop owners meet in groups of 20, do intensive education, and bring their knowledge back home to revolutionize their businesses. He credits Accurate Automotive Attention's success to their impeccable customer service.