Edwards | Backyard Wedding

I met Jani and Adam several months ago. We discussed their wedding and their determination to do it ”their” way throughout their relationship. It all may have started with a whirlwind that led to their moving in together after only seven days, but it ended with a wonderful, colorful, backyard wedding with lots of unique, Mexican-themed details that point to Jani’s heritage. You’ll see it in the decor below—papel picado decorations, agua frescas to drink, family outfits, and woven serapes for the tables—and the dress she had custom made in Mexico and the tacos served. The day was a little hotter than expected, so you’ll also see thoughtful fans that everyone appreciated!

Speaking of a hot day, these two were troopers. For the photos after the ceremony, they braved heat, fire ants and burrs to get some great images. After a quick Starbucks break and a text from me commenting on how lovely the light was behind their house, they went for round two and some gorgeous desert photos.