How to choose a location for your photo session ...

Many people need a little inspiration on where to hold their photo session. 

Even when I was having my own photos taken (a Mommy and Me session by the talented Juniper & Blush), I was still like, "Oh, I dunno ... where do you want to go?"

Most of the time, we want the pretty, easy photos. Golden sunlight just before dusk, the beautiful outdoors, maybe even some trees and grass to make us forget for a minute that we live in the land of sand and tumbleweeds. For most of these, going to one of several local parks is ideal. Moreover, many of them have a lot of variety and unique features that can bring different "feels" to your photos.

But, these are by far not the only options, nor are they the most interesting.

So, I want you to think about a few things before choosing a session location:

  1. Do you already have a location idea in mind? If so, let's do it! None of these sessions are about me. They're about you, so if you have a preference, just let me know and we can make it happen. 
  2. Think about what kind of a feel you're looking for. Give me adjectives that appeal to you: vintage, romantic, soft, colorful, muted, urban, rustic, stark, intimate, dark, airy, quirky, gritty ... These might lead us to some location ideas.
  3. Think about your connections. Do you or someone you know have access to an art studio or an airplane hangar? Does your cousin own an antique store that we could use for a photo shoot? 
  4. What places are meaningful to you? We could do a photo shoot at the bar where you first met, or on the street where you grew up. If your first make out session as a couple occurred during a Kofa High football game, then by all means, let's see if we can arrange a visit to the Kings' football field. 
  5. Consider a lifestyle session. Photo shoots don't all have to be about pretty people posing in good light. In a lifestyle shoot, we take pictures of you, looking awesome, doing something together that you love. Remember that bar where you met? The Pint House on Main Street? What if we went and did our engagement session there, complete with drinks at the bar and a walk along the breezeway with fairy lights overhead? Or, let's get together in your kitchen--the one the realtor said was "great for entertaining" and make lasagna together. Sure, it might get messy, with ingredients scattered across the counter top and a smudge of marinara sauce on her cheek, but that's the joy of it. 

Do not misunderstand me: I love the beautiful park pictures and am more than happy to do sessions there. They're gorgeous and very easy for me as a photographer to work with. Just don't feel like you're limited in your options. If you have an idea or a vision, we can make it happen.  

You're hiring me because I can make anything look good, right? Well, challenge accepted. I need a little light and the right perspective and the rest we can work with. Let me make your challenging location idea look good. Worst case scenario? We scrap the idea and reschedule at one of the parks. 

Examples of "non-traditional locations" ...

These photos taken at a Las Vegas Monorail Station:

These in front of an electrical substation which was painted a helpful shade of blue: 

Yes. Janitorial supply closet. 

Yes. Janitorial supply closet. 

And this janitorial supply closet at the Elks Lodge on 32nd Street. Yes, janitorial supply closet. The sun has already gone down so the outside wasn't an option, and the interior of the venue was lit with fluorescent light, so I went searching and found a brightly lit hallway and a janitorial closet that was dark. Problem solved.



Here are a few lovely locations around town if you need some inspiration:

  1. Gateway Park
  2. West Wetlands Park
  3. Smucker Memorial Park
  4. Sunrise Point-Anya Nitz
  5. From the Farm, LLC 
  6. The Arizona Western College Campus
  7. Quartermaster Depot*
  8. Sanguinetti House and Museum*
  9. The Center of the World in Felicity*
  10. Along Yuma's historic Main Street

I'm sure I'm missing some, so if you think of one to add, please comment! 

*May require an entrance fee.