Karen & Skyler | Christmas Wedding at the Sanguinetti House Museum

When you are a photographer, it’s hard to hire a photographer. You have preferences when it comes to ISO, contrast, depth of field. You see hints of magenta and green and blue in skin tones. You see grain and eyelashes and pores. You know exactly how you’d like to take certain shots. You know how you’d edit, how much contrast, how dark you like your blacks and how blown out you like your highlights.

Point is … it’s HARD to turn all that over to another photographer.

When Skyler first approached me about photographing his wedding, I was a bit nervous. I know he has his preferences, just as I would, and I know he’ll be able to spot all of my mistakes. (( mean … not that I’d ever make any … right?!)

However, he and his wife, Karen, ended up being some of my favorite clients ever. Being a photographer makes it hard to hire a photographer, but it also means you value photography. They gave me any time I asked for, were up for anything—including dancing in the street and knocking on stranger’s doors—gave me free rein to go anywhere and do anything to get the shot I wanted. They were flexible and cool. They respected me and my vision in a way that reignited my sense of creativity and love for the craft.

Skyler and Karen, it was such a true pleasure and honor to have worked with you. Your wedding was beautiful and I’m so pleased to have been able to share it with you.

Oh, and it was Christmas! I can’t not mention that this was some of my favorite decor ever!

Venue | The Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens

Catering | Tacos el Joroco

Officiant | Fausto Lopez