Krystal & Josiah | Martin Luther King Youth Career Center

I was able to witness a really unique little ceremony recently. The bride and groom came into town from Tucson to be with their family, who put together a majority of the ceremony. 

First, the bride had chosen one of the prettiest dresses I've seen. She and I were harassed by a very tiny dog while doing some portraits in the street outside. 

The Martin Luther King Youth Career Center was decorated with a fall theme, with red and orange leaves scattered across the floor, hot sauce, and lots of photos of the happy couple. 

After the ceremony, I stole them for a few minutes and we found a little light under a park ramada. 

Now to the unique bit: the wedding reception was filled with the usual: food, cake, a first dance. But it also consisted of a ton of party games, which were a blast! In one, balloons were tied to participant's *ahem* bottoms, and the person behind them had to pop the balloon without using their hands. Let's just say this made for some hilarious images. And, while she might look nice enough, I know for a fact that the ring bearer cheated and used her mother's high heel. ;)