Anniversary Party at the Elks

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of documenting a very special celebration. Two sisters, working together from opposite ends of the country, conspired to throw their parents a surprise fiftieth anniversary party.

They made lovely decorations for the party, and when some family members couldn't attend in person, they had them record their congratulations and put together in a lovely slideshow to be viewed during dinner.

A few of my favorite moments include:

The surprise! 



A tearful reunion ...

A tearful reunion ...

This deer! He's been traveling the country, having his photo taken, Travelocity-gnome style.

And my conversation with John and Henrietta, the guests of honor. Since I'm sure you were wondering, I asked them, "What's the secret to a long marriage?" 

John replied, "Low expectations."

The Secret to Fifty Years of Marriage

Just kidding. He actually said, "Low expectations. You always have to give more than you expect to get."

Henrietta nods in agreement. "A marriage isn't fifty-fifty. It's 75-25."