How the West Was One | Emily & Jesse | Backyard Wedding

Every so often, a wedding is just special. 

I've struggled a bit trying to find the words to express how beautiful it was, not just aesthetically, but spiritually. And since I'm not terribly good with words, I'm going to stop trying to write anything cohesive, and let the images speak for themselves. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Two beautiful people, heart and soul, preparing to welcome a daughter.  

A big family who offered unconditional support, and were so warm and welcoming that I almost felt like I belonged to them for the day. They did all of the wedding preparations themselves, from staging the whole thing in their backyard to making all the food.

Both the bride and groom wrote vows so beautiful, that each made everyone laugh and cry and high five each other. 

"I've known you at your best, and I've known you at your worst. And I choose both." 

Just beautiful and hopeful and sweet as a wild violet about to bloom. 


The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.
— Mark Twain

Makeup | Jen Irby 

Hair | Heather Polanco of Lakeside-Pinetop, AZ |

Venue | The family's forest cabin in Show Low, Arizona

Catering & Decor | DIY

Cupcakes | Hushhh Bakehouse

Flowers | The Morning Rose